Planting a Brighter Future

At Earth, we’ve always felt it was our responsibility to help make a difference to the planet—and to the people who directly depend on its natural resources. One of the greatest differences we can make is planting trees. Since 2015, we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future and have planted over half a million trees throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. The trees provide food for locals, materials for building, nutrients for crops and ultimately create income for families. Every time you buy a pair on, we plant a tree and help make a difference.


trees planted so far by Earth®


farming families currently being guided


in crops grown on one acre


months a year that families are fed


chemicals needed to grow crops


Trees for the Future has been working to combat poverty and end hunger in Africa since 1989. Their unique and successful Forest Garden Program gives people the skills, tools and knowledge to build a sustainable life with food security. The four-year projects focus on families surviving on a dollar a day, and provide them with seeds, equipment and training. With patience and guidance, families are able to sell their crops in local markets—and share their farming methods with others in surrounding communities.


In just four years, farming families are able to increase their income by 400%—positively changing their lives forever. Well-fed and nourished, children have the opportunity to attend school while their parents continue to reinvest in the land. This three-fold approach of educating children, empowering adults and revitalizing the land is helping to end the cycle of poverty and deforestation.


When you make a purchase from, you’re making a positive impact on our planet— and the lives of the people who depend on it most. To learn more about Trees for the Future and how your purchase helps farming families thrive, visit

“My sons have a future now—and as I age, trees will continue to feed my family.”

Mate Mbaye

“Before my Forest Garden, all of my family had to leave to find work. Now they work here!”

Sidy Ba

“Before planting trees, I had no money and I had no purpose.”

Ousmane Willane

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