Responsible Shoemaking


What a person wears is an essential element to their total well-being. Fashion, both walked and worn, should enhance the given activity and elevate one’s physical sense and joy. Everything we create seeks harmony of high-form and high-function where the human is the center of our design thinking.


Global Minded Product Development. We are championing wellness-led design. Dynamically fusing wellness-led design and the global footwear fashion scene. Our designers research and shop the globe to curate seasonal collections that are founded in fashion forward styling, state-of-the-art comfort features and eco-minded materials.


Natural Revolution

We’re constantly on the move and need brands that fulfill our desire to live a vibrant life and help us thrive in an ever-evolving world. Constantly bouncing between work & play, creating & experiencing—Earth is here to not only help you look modern and stylish but also provide all-day support to be your best self. All while being mindful to ourselves, our planet and our choices.

Wellness Technology /

New: Earth Powerpath® Footbed Design

Wellness Technology /

Original Earth Shoes Footbed

Wellness Technology /

Original Earth Kalso Shoe Wellness

Wellness Technology /

Original Earth Origins Footbed

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Responsible Packaging

Glue-Free Shoebox

All of our shoeboxes are glue-free.

We've standardized the production of our shoeboxes so that they never contain glues or staples. We also use a hinge style lid, which reduces the amount of cardboard needed to make each box.

This may seem small, but when thousands and thousands of boxes are being made each year, every inch adds up. Our boxes are also made from recyclable materials – so please be sure you're putting unwanted boxes in your recycling bin instead of the trash.

Material Design /

Eco-Friendly Leather


Most of our leather products are tanned using a vegetable-tanning process. Unlike other tanning processes, vegetable-tanning does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses the tannic acids naturally found in plants such as tree barks, leaves and some fruits.

The production time using vegetable-tanned leathers can be lengthier, but its' health benefits for those in and around the tanneries, as well as the economic benefits for the local culture, are a more responsible choice, and one that Earth believes strongly about.

Material Design /

Non-Toxic Adhesives

Water-Based Adhesives

We use only water-based adhesives in our footwear, which is far less toxic to the air and people who work in footwear manufacturing, than traditional solvent and oil based alternatives. Many other glues such as solvents, radiation-cured glues and hot melts have been shown to be extremely dangerous to people’s health. Water-based glues are a more responsible choice.
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